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December 26, 2012
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PMD-E Team Folder Icons by Amy-the-Jigglypuff PMD-E Team Folder Icons by Amy-the-Jigglypuff
Thought I'd take the time to make icons for my gallery folders, which was something I wanted to do since last summer, but never had the ideas or the time until now to do so. I might end up changing these when I get better at icon creation (which requires a completely different skillset from making normal pictures or comics), but for now these are what they are.

And yes, I'm aware there are some "spoilers" in here when it comes to future team members, but I figure those aren't the kinds of things I feel are really that important to keep secret, as opposed to, say, story developments. As to how these new members will be added, I have no idea. We'll see how the storyline progresses and when new members are allowed to be added to teams.

Now back to work on Rallen and Jody, hahaha! Really, though, I learned a lot about what looks good for very small images when making these icons. Of the three teams, I feel like Team Pecha managed to get the most aesthetically pleasing design, so I'll keep that in mind for other icons in the future.

:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink: Team Pecha, the Merchants :bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Team Paion, the Rescuers :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: and
:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: Team Nighty Knights, the Rogues :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

(And yes, I'm accepting critiques for these pieces because it would be cool to hear other people's input on what makes for great icons!)
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That looks soooo cute! Well done! (I like Bisharp's pose/expression in particular, heh heh~)
Amy-the-Jigglypuff Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It suits him well, doesn't it?
Hidden by Owner
Lol really? Her? Coming into Nighty Knights? Slightly suprising isn't it? I wonder how the story goes.
*Hopes for more spoilers* *Shot*
and then a family team, eh? That sounds nice >w<
And Chai, hm? Now a pink, blue green team! (Yey I love those colours)
I have no idea why, but I seem to like tem one colour-scale-like thing more, IDK why, though
but I suggest using team pecha full-colours as your icon (Really just a suggestion)
Amy-the-Jigglypuff Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course, it's already a pink, green, and blue team with Amy, Chikorita, and Darren, so no surprises there. =P But what do you mean, "one-color-scale-like"? And are you suggesting to you Team Pecha's team picture as my icon? (I don't because user icons are way too tiny for all that detail, as opposed to gallery folders.)
He, I guess so, but if you added a different one, wouldn't it be different?
And..I really didn't know what to call the ones on the right DX
Hm, I guess, but I've seen team icons that have 4.
Amy-the-Jigglypuff Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course it would be different if I added someone of a different color. So it's a good thing that Chai's an ordinary green-colored Servine!

Personal icons with 4 characters in it? Wow...well, I know how it's possible, but again, given how tiny icons are, I like to have mine more focused. Plus, if you look at my username, it would be pretty weird to have anyone other than Amy the Jigglypuff in it. At least, that's just my view on it.
Hah, I guess, yeah, I guess Amy over there look more fitting for you username than a whole team
Ack, spoilers! It BUURNS!!!

The future team members are looking pretty awesome, anyhow, though I might just be biased since I like Servine, Beheeyem, and Elgyem and really like Flygon.
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