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December 18, 2012


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Now they're all in one place (this one) for your convenience! Inspired by Fishlover's Dynamic Panic Character Bios Guide.

:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink: Team Pecha, the Merchants: :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

PMD-E In-Depth Bio: Amy the Jigglypuff
Name and Species: Amy the Jigglypuff
Other Names: Master Amy (by Darren the Golurk), Inferior Being (by Dusknoir, O-Bem the Beheeyem, and O-Beema the Beheeyem)
Relatives: Currently none living.
Current Moveset:
:bulletpink: Protect
:bulletpink: Mega Kick
:bulletpink: Psychic
:bulletpink: Flamethrower
:star: Fabricated History: :star:
(This is the story that Amy tells to people whom she just met and/or doesn't know very well.)

Amy was the only child of Roy the Clefable and Jean the Wigglytuff. The Clefable tribe (who lived on the moon) and the Wigglytuff tribe (who lived in a mountain range) were always fighting over who was more awesome, and when Roy and Jean met and fell in love, they were kicked out of their tribes as punishment. For their own survival, they were forced to take refuge with the Meganium tribe, where they met Chikorita.
At the time, Chikorita wanted to get away from her big brothers teasing her over the fact that her parents were n
PMD-E In-Depth Bio: Chikorita
Name and Species: Chikorita
Other Names: Heather the Chikorita (the pen name she uses when writing books), Inferior Being (by O-Bem the Beheeyem and O-Beema the Beheeyem)
Relatives: Venus the Meganium (mother), George the Tangrowth (father), Kale the Bayleef (older brother), Chard the Chikorita (older brother)
Current Moveset:
:bulletpink: Ancientpower
:bulletpink: Grasswhistle
:bulletpink: Magical Leaf
:bulletpink: Vine Whip
:star: History: :star:
Chikorita hatched on the beach next to Treasure Town, far, far away from her family's original homeland of Tao World. She had to learn everything on her own, was often bullied, and was never secure enough to make many friends, if at all. She did discover a secret cove in the cliff known as Sharpedo Bluff, and used it as her own personal hideaway. This was the only thing she was ever proud of accomplishing for a while.
One day, a mysterious rock that later became known as the Relic Fragment washed ashore, a
PMD-E In-Depth Bio: Darren the Golurk
Name and Species: Darren the Golurk
Other Names: Grovyle (by Amy and Chikorita when no one else is around), Unit 301 (the original name of his Golurk body), Giant Flying Robot Golem Slave Guy (by PK the Kecleon)
Relatives: Currently none living.
Moveset as Grovyle:
:bulletblue: Absorb
:bulletblue: Dig
:bulletblue: Quick Attack
:bulletblue: Leaf Blade
Current Moveset:
:bulletblue: Bulldoze
:bulletblue: Fly
:bulletblue: Earthquake
:bulletblue: Shadow Punch
:star: Past Life as Grovyle: :star:
He was originally born as a Treecko 500 years in the future to Sceptile, his mom, and Garchomp, his dad, from whom he inherited his interesting moveset. He met Amy very early on, and though his parents discouraged it since the humans seemed to be doing something that Primal Dialga wouldn't approve of, he insisted on playing with her every day. Because of this, unlike many, many Pokémon of the dark future, he was able to keep the bright and innocent personali
PMD-E In-Depth Bio: Chai the Servine
Name and Species: Chai the Servine
Other Names: N/A
Relatives: Currently none living.
Current Moveset:
:bulletblue: Vine Whip
:bulletblue: Bind
:bulletblue: Leaf Blade
:bulletblue: Aerial Ace
:star: History: :star:
Chai was born in Prismatic Jungle about 200 years in the past. Due to the harsh, predatory nature of the jungle, he never met his parents nor any of his siblings, but he never missed them. All his life, he only had himself to rely on. He tried making friends in his early days, but all those friendships were very short-lived, either due to them being killed or eventually attempting to kill him, and by the time he evolved into a Servine, he decided to renounce all hope of being nice to people.
He also considered evolving further, but upon encountering an actual Serperior and barely surviving due to his Aerial Ace and the advantages that his limbs provided, decided that evolving (and therefore losing said limbs) would be a bad idea. It’

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Team Paion, the Rescuers: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

PMD-E In-Depth Bio: Rigley the Elgyem
Name and Species: Rigley the Elgyem
Other Names: Rigs (by Isaac the Lucario), Son (by Blune the Beheeyem)
Relatives: Blune the Beheeyem (father), Psyme the shiny Beheeyem (mother), Ligray the Elgyem (older sister), Verdona the Beheeyem (maternal grandmother), Montague the Beheeyem (maternal grandfather)
Current Moveset:
:bulletgreen: Teleport
:bulletgreen: Telekinesis
:bulletgreen: Psybeam
:bulletgreen: Psyshock
:star: History: :star:
Rigley the Elgyem is the second and last child of Blune and Psyme. It is said that when he hatched, and they introduced him to his older sister, she just stared at him for a while, eyeing him narrowly, before finally saying, "…Put him back?" He always wanted to play with her, but she didn't seem too interested or thrilled to have a little brother, and the times when she would play, she would push and shove him around, causing him to cry a lot.
As soon as Blune and Psyme became the High Commanders, they became so bu
PMD-E In-Depth Bio: Psyme the Beheeyem
Name and Species: Psyme the SHINY Beheeyem
Other Names: High Commander Psyme (by those on Planet Paion who don't know she's no longer a High Commander), Honey (by Blune), Mom (by Ligray and Rigley), Mother (by a really annoyed Ligray), Master Psyme (by her fashion-loving admirers), That Lady (by Gnasher the Banette), The Annoying One (by O-Beema), Mrs. Psyme (by the kids in Tao Village)
Relatives: Montague the Beheeyem (father), Verdona the Beheeyem (mother), Blune the Beheeyem (husband), Ligray the Elgyem (daughter), Rigley the Elgyem (son)
Current Moveset:
:bulletgreen: Psychic
:bulletgreen: Thunderbolt
:bulletgreen: *Petal Dance (learned from Master Shao)
:bulletgreen: N/A
:star: History: :star:
On Planet Paion, shiny Pokémon are much rarer than they are in Tao World, so when Psyme was born as a shiny, it caused a bit of a shock. A lot of attention was brought to her and her family as a result. To her parents' surprise, though, the little E
PMD-E In-Depth Bio: Blune the Beheeyem
Name and Species: Blune the Beheeyem
Other Names: Darling (by Psyme the Beheeyem), Dad (by Ligray and Rigley), High Commander (by those who’ve forgotten he isn’t one anymore), Evil Genius (by those who question his scientific practices)
Relatives: Psyme the Beheeyem (wife), Ligray the Elgyem (daughter), Rigley the Elgyem (son)
Current Moveset:
:bulletgreen: Headbutt
:bulletgreen: Calm Mind
:bulletgreen: Shadow Ball
:bulletgreen: Simple Beam
:star: History: :star:
They say that when Blune was born back on Planet Paion, his parents knew that he would be one of the smartest beings there ever lived…probably due to his unusually large head at the time. Nevertheless, little Blune would go on to prove that he truly was smart in more ways than one, and learned material at a much faster rate than expected. In particular, he showed an intense fascination for the natural world and a desire to learn as much as he could about it. Maybe even bec
PMD-E In-Depth Bio: Ligray the Elgyem
Name and Species: Ligray the Elgyem
Other Names: Young Lady (by O-Bem and O-Beema whenever they were displeased or furious with her)
Relatives: Blune the Beheeyem (father), Psyme the Beheeyem (mother), Rigley the Elgyem (little brother), Verdona the Beheeyem (maternal grandmother), Montague the Beheeyem (maternal grandfather)
Current Moveset:
:bulletgreen: Teleport
:bulletgreen: Telekinesis
:bulletgreen: Psybeam
:bulletgreen: Psyshock
:star: History: :star:
Ligray the Elgyem was the very first child of Blune and Psyme, and she enjoyed her parents showering lavish amounts of attention over her—so much, in fact, that when her little brother hatched, and they introduced him to her, she said, “…Put him back?” She was always more interested in being like her TV idol, Invader Tak (or at least the Elgyem equivalent of her) instead of a little brother. She considered Rigley a nuisance whenever he wanted to play with her, and the time

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: Team Nighty Knights, the Rogues: :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

PMD-E In-Depth Bio: Joe the Bisharp
Name and Species: Joe the Bisharp
Other Names: Joey (by his mother), Awesome Man (by himself), Not-Awesome Man (by Elena the Flygon), Son (by Rallen the Beheeyem), Big Brother (by Gimi and Dari), Dull Knives (by Bandit the Shuppet, and by Tori whenever she's angry with him), Sharpie (by Isaac the Lucario)
Relatives: Jody the Bisharp (mother), Rallen the Beheeyem (father), Gimi the Pawniard (little brother), Dari the Pawniard (little sister), Stella the Elgyem (cousin)
(Relatives from his father's side): Zita the Beheeyem, Atta and Zanora the Elgyems (aunts)
(Relatives from his mother's side): Boscoe the Bisharp, Steve, Spike, Sam, and Swiss the Pawniards (uncles), Karen the Bisharp (aunt)
In a Relationship With: Tori the Pawniard of Team Shadow Knights
Current Moveset:
:bulletpurple: Night Slash
:bulletpurple: Aerial Ace
:bulletpurple: X-Scissor
:bulletpurple: Fling
:star: History: :star:
Joe w
PMD-E In-Depth Bio: Ellie the Gardevoir
Name and Species: Ellie the Gardevoir
Other Names: Ralts (by those who forget her new name is Ellie)
Relatives: Phil the Dusclops (father), Reisha the Gardevior (mother), Mira the shiny Kirlia (older sister)
Current Moveset:
:bulletpurple: Dream Eater
:bulletpurple: Shadow Sneak
:bulletpurple: Signal Beam
:bulletpurple: Confuse Ray
:star: History: :star:
Ellie hatched in the middle of the Slowpoke Slums part of Tao Village on a dark and stormy night. She always had a vague feeling that it was her father who left her there, and that she also had a name, but could never figure out that answers to either of those questions. At first, the little Ralts wasn't sure why she could move way faster than the indigenous Slowpokes, but soon realized it was because they were a completely different species, and quickly got used to it.
For the longest time, she had to survive by stealing food from Tao Village for herself and everyone else in the slums. Little did sh
PMD-E In-Depth Bio: Lipless the Gothitelle
Name and Species: Lipless the Gothitelle
Other Names: N/A
Relatives: Patch the Machamp (father), Romani the Gothitelle (mother)
Current Moveset:
:bulletpurple: Telekinesis
:bulletpurple: N/A
:bulletpurple: N/A
:bulletpurple: N/A
:star: History: :star:
No one knows where Lipless came from for sure, nor how she ended up in the Blissey's Hatchery of Tao Village, but rumors say that a certain Romani the Gothitelle became so apathetic about the idea of starting a family that, much to her husband's dismay, she decided to ditch the egg near Blissey's Hatchery of Tao Village and leave it as someone else's problem. The egg ended up in the hands of Team Nighty Knights as a reward for helping gather medicine ingredients in Event 3. Ellie wanted a little sister, and though they were surprised to see that the little Gothita was born without lips, Ellie still wanted to keep her, and named her "Lipless."
At first, she could only say "Chimu chumu!" with randomly lea
PMD-E In-Depth Bio: Elena the Flygon
Name and Species: Elena the Flygon
Other Names: Ellen, Katherine (both by Bisharp when he was trying to guess her name)
Relatives: Ryan the Scizor (former lover, currently deceased)
Current Moveset:
:bulletpurple: Dragonbreath
:bulletpurple: Dragon Claw
:bulletpurple: Sandstorm
:bulletpurple: Hyper Beam
:star: History: :star:
Elena was born in Sandsong Desert in a hole in the ground, and was very timid as a Trapinch. All she did was dig a hole and wait for her food to come tumbling down into the hole for her to eat, rarely ever venturing into the outside world except at night or when she was very, very hungry.
Upon obtaining enough energy to evolve into a Vibrava, though, she realized that she was no longer able to hide in a hole forever. It scared her at first, but when she found out the powerful attacks she had gained as a result, as well as the fact that she had gained wings, she realized that the feeling of freedom was way more exciting than she

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: Personal NPCs: :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:

PMD-E In-Depth Bio: Jody the Bisharp
Name and Species: Jody the Bisharp
Other Names: Jane (alias used at Merlot’s castle), Stupid Sister (from Karen), Inferior Being (from Elgyems and Beheeyems who really don’t know better)
Relatives: Rallen the Beheeyem (husband), Boscoe the Bisharp (older brother), Karen the Bisharp (younger sister), Steve, Spike, Sam, and Swiss the Pawniards (little brothers), Joe the Bisharp (oldest son), Gimi the Pawniard (middle son), Dari the Pawniard (youngest daughter)
Current Moveset:
:bulletblack: Night Slash
:bulletblack: Metal Sound
:bulletblack: ----
:bulletblack: ----
(Four moves? Haha, who needs four moves? Jody was able to get away with just two throughout the WHOLE STORY, and she’s still here!)
:star: History: :star:
Jody was born along with her five brothers and one sister in the middle of nowhere in Tao World. As per usual of such natural packs of Pawniard, they all had to battle to determine who would be the leader, and Jody almost
  PMD-E In-Depth Bio: Rallen the Beheeyem
Name and Species: Rallen the Beheeyem
Other Names: Florence von Effelheimer Adeina-Alturich Sapphirana Esperanza Justinian the First, Last, and All That Ever Will Be Because She is Just That Awesome…Like a Boss (alias used at Merlot’s castle), Florence (much easier-to-say version), Big Brother (from his little sisters)
Relatives: Jody the Bisharp (wife), Zita the Beheeyem (oldest younger sister), Atta and Zanora the Elgyems (younger sisters), Joe the Bisharp (oldest son), Gimi the Pawniard (middle son), Dari the Pawniard (youngest daughter)
Current Moveset:
:bulletblack: Miracle Eye
:bulletblack: Psychic
:bulletblack: Simple Beam
:bulletblack: Telekinesis
:star: History: :star:
Rallen was born in one of the highest-class families on Planet Paion, with access to the latest and greatest technological advancements. He, along with his little sisters, loved watching alien invader shows such as Invader Slimjim (parody of
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The borders on these look so awesome!!
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The borders add a really nice touch. :)
Amy-the-Jigglypuff Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It took me FOREVER to think of how to make the pictures more interesting than just "a carbon copy of their app pics"; namely, it ended up being inspired by the PMD games. So yay for that!
eternanyx Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Funny how such a simple solution can make such a big difference. :)
Amy-the-Jigglypuff Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It does!
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ooh nicely organized :3
Amy-the-Jigglypuff Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To be fair, your version is also organized according to which trainer owns which Pokemon and which Pokemon are reoccurring characters, so arranging my characters by team/Personal NPC status was a natural extension of that. But thanks anyway!
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